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Java's Bachelor Pad Spotlight:

Nightcap Edition #11 Is Here!

It’s our 11th Nightcap Edition! This time, on the cover and centerfold Melody Sweets, making her Nightcap debut! We also have nudie-cutie fun from some of our favorite pin-ups including Ruby Champagne, Ruby Joule, Scarlett Spitfire, and Scarlette Saintclair! We have a couple of Bachelor Pad Gals making their first Nightcap appearance including Miss Sweet Tea and Harley Harpurr. And we have three models making their first-ever Bachelor Pad appearance—Della Rouxx, Lennox Winter, and Loula Belle!
Plus, we feature a naughty story from publisher Java titled “Modern Marvel.” And we have a series of saucy jokes from Becca Whitaker, Jerry Carr, Mark Braun, and Hannah Rose!

     For sophisticated readers.

Digital editions and Print versions available now.

Head over to www.BachelorPadMagazine.com for more!


Bachelor Pad Issue 55 Is Here!

It’s the spring 2021 issue of Bachelor Pad Magazine! On the cover and centerfold, the dark angel Dani Divine. Also featuring pin-ups from Holly Grafix, Mila Spigolon, and Something Blue.
     We chat with magician, pin-up, and burlesquer Katrina Kroetch, AKA “Magical Katrina”! We also have an inside-the-ring story from Publisher Java titled “Ten Rounds with a Knockout” featuring an illustration from Rick Forgus. John King returns for another “Confessions of Guy Psycho” with art from Ricardo Diseño.
     Will “The Thrill” Viharo looks at the films of Paul Newman. The Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en gets you out for some socially distant fun. Don Spiro visits the retro-themed TWA terminal and hotel at JFK. And Dr. Bamboo returns for his Last Call column.
     We have jokes from Ernest Posey, Jaimie Filer, Jerry Carr, Mark Braun, Rob Kramer, and making her debut Hannah Rose! Plus, Pretty Girls Reading Bachelor Pad, Tales from the Jet Set, and much more!
     Each print copy comes with a free digital download!
     Just click the cover to order!

      Head over to www.BachelorPadMagazine.com for more!


Spotlight Edition: Sammie Marie

It's another Bachelor Pad Magazine Spotlight Edition! This time featuring fan favorite Sammie Marie! We have some of your favorite photos from past issues of Bachelor Pad, plus several new sets not seen by our readers before! We even include some pin-up art from BPM artist Becca Whitaker! Featuring the photography of Mandie Hicks of Poisoned Apple Art with MUAH by Beauty by Dawn. This is a nudie-cutie issue, so it’s intended for sophisticated readers only! Each print copy comes with a free digital download! Please allow three weeks for delivery.

      Head over to www.BachelorPadMagazine.com for more!


Tattoo Nightcap #2 Out Now!

Bachelor Pad Magazine's second tattoo-themed edition is here! And it's another nudie-cutie Nightcap Edition to boot! On the cover, Melissa Evans. Also featuring Bachelor Pad Gals Kitty Mansfield, Strawberry Siren, Kitty Kourtney, and Ophelia Pop Tart. And making their debuts are Ginger La Roux, Mae La Roux, Polly Snacks, and Scarlet Mantis.
     We have a special photo from Starrly Spellbound. Plus, jokes from Ernest Posey,
Jerry Carr
, Rob Kramer, and our newest artists Jamie Filer and Mark Braun. And a naughty tattoo-themed story from Publisher Java!

Head over to www.BachelorPadMagazine.com for more!




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