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Modern Femme Fatale:
Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid
Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid
    It's no fish story how we caught hold of this Modern Femme Fatale. Her name is Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid and she has been seen all around the US swimming in such tourist joints as the legendary Wreck Bar in Florida. Yes, she is a professional mermaid. And yes, she does eat fire. (But not at the same time.) This sea-going siren was also featured (in and out of water) in Bachelor Pad Magazine. Want to learn more about this gal? (And yes, she knows that you want to know more about her mermaid tail and shell bra.) Read on in this exclusive interview with the lovely Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid! (Don't forget to check out her photos at the bottom of her interview!)
Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid
Interview and Gallery>>>

Classic Femme Fatale:
Joan Bradshaw
Joan Bradshaw
     Joan Bradshaw, a ravishing brunette with big brown eyes, was well known to readers of men’s magazines in the mid 1950’s through the early 1960’s. This Texas beauty started her modeling career in her teens winning beauty titles in her home state. She then packed up and moved out to the west coast to try her hand the 1953 Miss Universe title. She didn’t get it, but stuck around and found small roles on TV (appearing in shows such as “Dragnet”) and a few movies (all forgettable). 
     Her tail of the tape came in at 38-23-36, which earned her the nickname of “The Bust of MGM.” She was also know as the favorite arm candy of many celebrities including the King of Rock and Roll himself. Besides the usual selection of men’s magazines like “Modern Man,” “Jem” and “Carabet,” she also appeared in the October 1956 issue of Playboy. She had the look that cheesecake photographers loved. Besides girlie magazines, she also appeared in several how-to photography digest including the cover of Earl Leaf’s “Photographing Women of the World.”
     Now if IMDB is to be believed, this gal went from pin-up and bit-part actress to Unit Production Manager to the TV show “Amazing Stories” and movies like “Back to the Future II” and Executive Producer to films like “Road to Perdition” and “Cast Away.” Not a bad way to wind up.

Joan Bradshaw Gallery>>

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