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JBP's 12th Cheesecake Queen: Marissa Lily

Marissa Lily
    The 12th JBP Cheesecake Contest is over! 25 beauties competed for the title of Cheesecake Queen, but only one emerged with the crown. 845 votes were cast, and when it was all said and done, one gal picked up 174 votes...20% of all votes cast. We're proud to present our latest Cheesecake Queen...Marissa Lily!
     Here now is an exclusive interview with and pictures from our newest Cheesecake Queen, Marissa Lily.

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(Interview from February 2009)

Java's Bachelor Pad: First off, congrats on being named the latest Cheesecake Queen. How does it feel? What prompted you to enter the contest?

Marissa Lily: Thank you very much for your congratulations. I was thrilled when I saw I won! I entered the contest because I saw you advertising it and I like a challenge. I finally entered just in time and made it my goal to win and get more exposure. I am definitely happy that I entered the contest and that more people have gotten to see my work!

JBP: In your bio, you said you're a kickboxing and yoga instructor and you got started doing pin-ups by taking pictures for flyers. Tell us more about that.

ML: I was supposed to be taking pictures for a yoga flyer I was going to be on and at the second shoot I showed up wearing pin-up influenced attire. The photographer liked my look and decided to shoot that instead. I was happy to try it out and he and everyone else pushed me in this direction. I am glad I was wearing that outfit because I found out I love shooting pin-up!

JBP: How would you describe your style? Who are your influences?

ML: I am not sure how I would describe my style. My influences are my grandmother, vintage pin-up art and a few key Old Hollywood stars. There is just something about this style that has always attracted me. In junior high I discovered Ava Gardner in some of my neighbor's magazines and cut out all of her pictures and wished I could be that beautiful and glamorous. My neighbor even gave me her fake fur coat and I wore it proudly with my jeans, how ridiculous that seems looking back at that now! So I guess that was the beginning of it all, I have always been drawn to this. Seeing me, you would never guess I am so athletic because I am always dressed up, the only time I'm not in high heels is if I am at the gym. 
     Ultimately, I think I modeled myself after my grandma, who was one of the most stylish and strong ladies ever. Seeing all of her photographs from when she was younger and how beautiful I thought she looked, I took a lot from her. Her whole life she was simple, classy and tailored. 

JBP: What is it about pin-up modeling that you enjoy the most.

ML: What I enjoy the most about pin-up modeling is looking in the mirror after my hair and makeup are done and feeling like I really have stepped back in time. I love how feminine and classy pin-up attire makes me feel. I am happy to be a part of this genre that promotes a healthy body image and makes it okay for women to look and feel like women, not 12 year old boys. 

JBP: Also, in your bio, you said your boyfriend is currently in the military and you wanted to take some pin-ups to send to him ala WWII-style pin-ups. Have you done this? What was his reaction? Does he know about your new title of Cheesecake Queen? What does he think of that?

ML: I wanted to do it just as a morale booster for him, so I am glad to see that it seems to have worked! I emailed my boyfriend to ask him what he thought and this is what he wrote back:

"Tell him that i have always admired your beauty and i think the pictures are very well done and i am proud and lucky to have such a beautiful girl to come home to. In addition it has made me somewhat of a celebrity among the guys of 1st SFOD-D word got out quick throughout our firebase that i was voted as the guy with the hottest girlfriend in the unit and believe me out here that is a big deal. All the guys were very happy to have found out Marissa had won the contest. It was almost as if they themselves had won."

JBP: What's next for you? Hopefully, we'll be seeing more pictures from you!

ML: I am not sure what is next for me. I am going to be modeling for several pin-up clothing lines and hope to model for even more. I am also in two different 2009 calendars and have one in the works for 2010 so far. You can be assured that whatever I decide to make happen will happen so keep watching me!

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