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New Links

Burlesque Bitch--Your free internet resource for all things burlesque.
Exciting Sounds--Their mission: to celebrate and protect pop culture history
Becky Lee--One of our favorite Bachelor Pad Magazine pin-ups models!
Super Thriller--An out-of-this-world podcast hosted by the musical mavens Jay & Jocko Hedblade.
Jump With Joey Altruda blog--Neo-lounge swinger collects cool atomic age artifacts.
The Rumba Club--A website for discerning individuals who appreciate classic beauty and style.
Lushpad.com--Online marketplace for modern collectors.
Tikibartv.com--Forbidden cocktails in a swank pad. Tiki podcast.
Modern Living--Vintage home furnishings. 
Aces & Eights--Traditional Hot Rods and Customs.
TikiBunker--Armageddon Inhabitions of Soundscape Nostalgie.
The Glamour Girl Store--Vintage & Retro Light Switchplate Covers
Tiki Lounge and Bar--Melbourne Australia's only Classic-style Tiki Bar.
EricHatheway.com--Art, music, and pop culture.

Java's Favorite Links

Lotta Livin'--Living that mid-century modern life style!
YoYo Island--All your Tiki dreams come to life plus fun little desktop toys.
The Moon-Rays--Cool Spy-Fi band out of Chicago.
Exoticworld--Burlesque museum run by the amazing Dixie Evans.
BowlingShirt.com--The place to get cool threads, especially bowling shirts.
Thrillville--Will the Thrill is one hep cat.
Hard Case Crime--The next generation of pulp paperbacks.
Jeanne Carmen--50's blonde bombshell and trick golfer.

Modern Day Pin-up/Burlesque Gals

Sabina Kelley--Covergal for Bachelor Pad Magazine #3!
Bernie Dexter--JBP Official Retro Pin-Up Model!
The World Famous Pontani Sisters--Burlesque's triple threat!
Camp Burlesque--See what goes on at one of the hottest summer camps around!
Miss Tayva--JBP 2nd Cheesecake Queen!
Miss Jeanette--Another one of our favorite modern pin-ups gals!
Angela Ryan--Covergal for Bachelor Pad Magazine #11
Kay O'Hara--JBP 5th Cheesecake Queen!
Kate's Pinups--One of JBP Modern Femme Fatales.
Heidi Van Horne--Actress, model, and all-around amazing beauty. A true Modern Femme Fatales!
Scarlet Sinclair--Bump 'n' grind gal from NYC.
Mini LeMeaux--Burlesque dancer. Screem Queen. Pin-up vixen.
Dita Von Teese--One of the best retro models out there.
Miss Jami Deadly--Gothy femme fatale.

Hi-Fi Music Links

Spy-Fi--One of the coolest spy bands out there!
Weirdomusic--Your portal for weird and wonderful music.
Basic Hip Digital Oddio--Check out their download-able Album of the Week.
Oddio Overplay--Crazy sounds and cool compilations.
Raymondo's Dance-O-Rama--More great music to download.

On-Line Bachelor 'Zines Links

AskMen.com--a website for men. Recently featured the Bachelor Pad as their site of the day.
Brazen Hussies--Dames with attitude and great taste in pin-ups.
Barracuda--A magazine with classic style pin-ups and more! 
Unicorn Meat--Cool blog from the lovely Kara Mae featuring old vinyl gems and more.
Shimmy Magazine--The best biggest little burlesque magazine ever.

Tiki Links

Aku Wear--Designs by German tiki-artist Thorsten Hasenkamm.
TikiBars.com--Need supplies for your tiki bar? Here's the place to go.
Aisle Tiki--Great place to go for tiki mugs and tiki art.
Hanford Lemoore's Tiki Room--A space age bachelor pad site that's just starting out.
Tiki Bar Review Page--Reviews of tiki bars across the US and Canada including my favorite, Hala Kahiki, in River Grove, Illinois.
Tiki Mania!--A great source for all those Tiki Collectables.
Tiki News--Fanzine about Tiki Culture.

Pin-Up/Burlesque Links

Mara Corday Shrine--Website dedicated to the 1950's bombshell.
Ministry of Burlesque--Resources for UK burlesque performers.
The Candy Pitch--Wonderful new blog featuring news from the burlesque world.
The Pin-Up Art of Charlene Lanzel--Naughty and nice pin-ups.
G-Strings Forever--Jo Boob's great website about the art and business of burlesque.
Disruptive Productions--Modern pin-ups feature some of our favorite Cheesecake Gals!
Broadview Graphics--Ultra-hip pin-up graphics.
Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen--A to Z of beautiful women.
Atomic Pin-Up--Hot rods and even hotter women.
Bootleg Burlesque--A site dedicated to the golden age of Burly-Q.
Fluffgirl Burlesque--A very yummy collection of bump-and-grind gals.
RetroKitten--They're back and better than ever. A great place for pin-up people to meet.
VintageGirlieMags--One man's quest to archive classic men's magazines.
Star & Garter Magazine--Kara Mae's cool print magazine about Burlesque fashion and glamour.
Glamour Girls: Then & Now--Amazing site from cool cat Steve Sullivan.
Martha's Girls--Modern girls making the most of vintage erotic style!
White Rabbit Studio--The home of pin-up/fantasy photographer Danielle Bedics.
The Golden Days of Burlesque Historical Society--Helping to preserve burlesque's history.
Viva VaVoom--Tribute site to Lili St. Cyr.
WinkyTiki--Modern pin-up photographer.
Elliott Mattice--Amazing pin-up painter.
Bootleg Burlesque--A tribute to all those great gals of burlesque.
Tallulahs--Classic nude paintings, vintage erotica, and old dirty French postcards.
Elvira--The Mistress of the Dark.
Lacy Unltd--Amazing retro pin-up photography from Mark Anthony Lacy.
Sunsetglamour--*The* source for videos featuring all those classic glamour gals of yesteryear like Virginia Bell, Tempest Storm, Candy Barr, Lili St. Cyr, and more! Go visit them, they're cool!
Vintage Elegance--Large collection of what people refer to as "Ye Olde French Postcards."
Dragstrip Groupies--Classic nudie pin-ups. All in glorious black and white. Lot's of Bettie Page!
Punk Rocker's Pin-Up Page--Another great source for classic and modern pin-ups.
Gil Elvgren--He has been called the Normal Rockwell of pin-up art.
Mamie Van Doren--See what this classic glamour girl is up to nowadays.

Bettie Page Links

The BettiePage.com--Great source for all things Bettie!
Bettie Page Big List of Links--Page after page dedicated to the Queen of the Pin-up.
BooBooKitty's Bettie Page Page--A fun site from a collector and fan.

Lounge Links

Clouseaux--Tiki and Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music
Jimmy Vargas and the Black Dahlia--A total noir experience.
Les Baxter--Official site of one of the masters of lounge.
Nutty--Classic rock numbers done ala cocktail jazz, crime jazz, swing, latin and bop.
Bob Thompson--One of unsung heroes of space-age bachelorpad music.
Mr. Suave's Swingin' Cocktail Lounge --A great site from a true fan of lounge music.
Yma Sumac--Official homepage of the Queen of Exotica.
Julie London--A fan site about one of the greatest torch singers ever.
Love Jones--The band is back together and making more of their lounge/soul hybrid music.
How To Speak Hip--Real Audio rendition of this famous beat comedy album.
The Retro Cocktail Hour--Weekly cocktail/lounge show out of KANU. Very Classy!
Patio Culture--1960's cold war anxiety mixed with every American's need for leisure.
Deadlounge--When lounge culture and goth culture collide.
Crazy Joe's Surf Lounge--The sand. The surf. The sun!
Ultra Lounge--Capitol Records' incredible series of cocktail muisc reissues. (As seen many times in the Hi-Fi section.)

Misc Links

Cherry Club--Social club and networking site for modern pin-ups.
DOMAI--Simple nudes of pretty women.
Big Al Caricature--Don't let the name fool you. Big Al does some amazing pin-ups!
VegasRetro.com--Amazing collection of classic Vegas photos.
Dynamite D's Drink Database--Drink recipes and more!
Virile Lit--Manly reads for manly men.
GetGoRetro--Retro fashions and more!
Delta Of Venus--Dirty stories. Lusty movies. Obscene art. Lots of naked ladies.
Kitschy Kitschy Cool--One-stop shopping for quirky and cool stuff.
Uncle Fezter's Flowers--Unique hair flowers for all you krazy kittens.
Black Corset Candles--Cool candles featuring hot pin-ups!
Retro Planet--Unique and cool retro gifts 
Oolala--Vintage and pin-up culture blog.
Retro-A-Go-Go--Cool retro stuff. Check out their picture frames.
Twirly Girl Pasties--Pasties and lessons on how to use them from Indigo Blue.
Pristine Adult Magazines--A great place to get all those vintage girlie magazines.
Tip Top Atomic Shop--Cool retro store in the heart of Milwaukee.
L.A. Time Machine--L.A. bars and restaurants of the 1940's, 50's, and 60's.
Meteor Lights--The best place to go for all of your bachelor pad lighting needs!
Retro Kitty Kat--Vintage for the Modern Bombshell. Sexy and youthful vintage and retro clothing, accessories and home. 
Vintage Diva Oz--Cool stuff on eBay from the ViVa Pinup gals.
ProLighters.com--Pin-up girlies on lighters. Guaranteed to heat things up!
Sideshow Stamps--Retro rubber stamps: tikis, fezes, martini glasses, hulas girls and more!
Untamed Highway--A Space Age Bachelor oriented comic book filled with tikis; an alligator boy; a sexy, busty ex-girlfriend; lots of fezzes and buffalo hats.
Voodoo Doll clothing--Sultry bombshells clothing
Cameo Intimates Lingerie--Sexy retro lingerie.
Retro Radar--A place to keep up-to-date with retro culture.
Rockabillydate.com--A place where cool cats and crazy kitten meet.
VOILA!--Vintage erotica and e-cards.
Cinema Sirens--Movie bombshells of the 1950's, 60's, and 70's.
Tramp Lamps--Funky lamps made out of vintage lingerie.
Film Noir Portrairure--Jim Ferreira's stunning noir-styled photos.
Flounder--Tiki and "Lowbrow" art. Amazing tiki paintings!
Miaaow--Nylons and lacy numbers for all you sex kittens.
Rockabilly Momma--Vintage Clothing for the Hour Glass Gal.
Jivin' Lounge--Cool retro culture site.
Leopard Lady Lounge--Brand new on-line store that has the A-to-Z in bachelor and bachelorette attire and accessories.
Shag-Art--Mr. Shag is one of the hippest retro-artists around. Check out his artwork!
Pulp Fiction Post Cards--A place to get copies of all those great tawdry paperback covers.
World Explorers Club--Headquarted in Kempton, IL, The WEX is the home of the very cool Adventured Unlimited press.
Fortean Times Online--the best paranormal and strange phenomenon magazine out there.
News of the Weird--Weelky column following all the weirdness we humans have to offer.
Havana Street--Great retro clip art that all you hipsters will dig. They have everything from swing kids to space aliens.
Archie McPhee--All the toys you'll ever need for your post-modern lifestyle.
The Whole Pop Magazine Online--From the same people who brought you theWhole Pop Catalog.
Shannanigan's Rockin' Art--Great source material for your own bachelor pad website. 
Something Weird Video--A great place to get all you cult/strange/bizarro movies.
Inconspicuous Consumption--From the same people who brought you the 'zine "Beer Frame."
The Church of the SubGenius--I never miss the "Hour of Slack!"
The Straight Dope--One of the best newspaper columns around.
The Onion-Weekly satire newspaper.
Weekly World News-The best tabloid around. Their website isn't as cool as the ink and paper version, but still worth checking out.

     Java (a.k.a. Jason Croft) is usually at his dayjob as a radio producer, but he does find time to scour through various used book stores and antique shops to find material for these pages. He is also the host of The Bachelor Pad Radio Show and publisher of Bachelor Pad Magazine.
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