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Modern Femme Fatale: Betsey Bosen

Betsey Bosen
     We have been fans of Betsey Bosen for quite a while. You might remember her from the debut issue issue of Bachelor Pad Magazine as the "Merry Maid." Or you might have seen her wow the crowd at the 2008 Cocktails and Cheesecake Party. Either way, we figured it was high time we officially included her in our list of Modern Femme Fatales.
     Bosen has a classic style to her that makes her photos sparkle. She's got a sexy playfulness that drives us wild. But, as you know, that's not all. This gal is a double threat. Bosen is also a bump-and-grinder taking her inspiration from the golden age of burlesque. When she hits the stage, jaws drop and you get the feeling you're watching a 1940's dancer. She is the everything we could want in a Femme Fatale! 
     Here now is an exclusive interview with the lovely Betsey Bosen! (Don't forget to check out her photos at the bottom of the page.)

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(Interview from July 2008)

Java's Bachelor Pad: You're actually been on our pin-up radar for a few years now. How did you get started? How has your style changed over the years?

Betsey Bosen: I started pin-up modeling after a combination of seeing a photo of Bettie Page somewhere and of getting tired of the fashion modeling world. I'd say my style has changed over the years in the way that i've become more and more of a purist within the rockabilly subculture. I used to be a total pyscho/punkrocker about seven, eight years ago and once a Misfits fan always a Misfits fan! But I have to say i'm quite the rockabilly gal now. 

JBP: You are also a burlesque dancer. Which came first: pin-ups or burlesque? How did you get started dancing?

BB: Pin-up modeling began shortly before my performing did. As a kid I remember watching old Technicolors and show girls on T.V. and I knew I wanted to do that when I grew up!  I've always been a dancer, but I got into Burlesque dancing three years ago, around the time I started my troupe Bang! Bang! Burlesque, after discovering Sally Rand and Dita von Teese.

JBP: When you performed at the 2008 Cocktails and Cheesecake Party, I heard a lot of wonderful responses to your routine...especially when you did a classic front bump. A lot of gals told me that move isn't seen a lot. And the way you did it was classy and stylish. In fact, that's a good way to describe your routine. Talk about that routine and performing for the party.

BB: Well thanks! I performed my "Betty Routine" at your party. Basically that routines inspiration came from watching old footage of Lili St. Cyr, Betty Howard and Tempest Storm mostly. I had a fantastic time at your party and all the performers did a really fantastic job!

JBP: That classic look of yours (I would say 1940's if I had to) also comes through in your pin-ups. What do you base your style on?

BB: I love everything about the 1940's, the music, the cinema, the fashion. I mostly base my style on the old hollywood femme fatale look, the riff raff girl, the bad girl!! I love Hedy Lamarr, Veronica Lake, Barbara Stanwick...

JBP: What and who are your inspirations?

BB: Since i've already mentioned a lot of my old inspirations, let me mention a few of my favorite modern dames! There are too many to mention them all but here are a few: Jami  Deadly, Dita Von Teese, Catherine Delish, Kitten DeVille, Bernie Dexter, Ava Garter, Heidi Van Horne, Masumi Max, and Lana Landis. I'm also heavily inspired by early rockabilly musicians such as The Duchess, and old film-noir and B movies.

JBP: How does your pin-up work influence your burlesque...and the reverse...how does your burlesque influence your pin-ups?

BB: I'd say my burlesque work probably tends to make my photos a bit more theatrical looking, a little more dramatic and my pin-up look puts an aesthetic influence on my dancing. They go hand in hand I think. I once heard a quote that a Burlesque dancer is just a live pin-up in action!

JBP: If you had to choose, which would you rather do? Pin-ups or burlesque? Why?

BB: Both! But if I had to choose I'd pick Burlesque. There is just something special about a live show and seeing people smile!

JBP: What is your opinion of today's pin-up and burlesque scene?

BB: It's a bustling little scene, there is some great talent to be talked about within it. I see some great new faces popping up every year, it's great!

JBP: What does the future hold for Betsey Bosen?

BB: I'd like keep performing and modeling in the years to come and travel more. For those of you who can't make my shows, please visit me at BetseyBosen.com and Myspace.com/betsey_bosen.

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