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Modern Femme Fatale: Heidi Van Horne

Heidi Van Horne
     It's safe to say the lovely Heidi Van Horne knows a thing or two about pin-up modeling. She loves to help up-and-coming models by sharing some of her pin-up knowledge. Horne has brought her "Ask the Experts" feature from the Punk Rock Domestics board over here for a regular feature we're calling "Ask Heidi." Got questions about what it takes to be a modern-day pin-up? Than just drop us a note and we'll send it along to the lovely Miss Horne. Take a look at her past columns.

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(Interview from December 2004 )

     There are some pin-up gals you fall in love with the second you see them. It's that look in their eye. The way they bend their long legs. The way they hook their hips. And their smile. Oh, brother, their smile! It's the type of smile that could melt the polar ice caps. Heidi Van Horne is one such gal. Many will remember seeing Horne as the covergirl and centerfold of Issue #19 of Barracuda magazine. Around the same time,  the third of the famous Java's Bachelor Pad Cheesecake Contests was starting up. And guess who showed up? The lovely Miss Horne. It was fate! Although she didn't win the contest, she won over everyone there. They was no doubt in anyone's mind that she would soon be added to our collection of Modern Femme Fatales. 

     Below is an exclusive interview with Heidi Van Horne:

*  *  *  *  *

Java's Bachelor Pad: So, what inspired you to get into pin-up? And what is your approach to cheesecake modeling?

Heidi Van Horne: As for approach, I just try to get an idea of the style of the shoot and then have fun! As for how I got started...  Well, that's a kinda-not funny story... I wanted to do a pin-up shoot for a long time, and every time I set something up with photographer friends, they'd flake on me--including one time when I hired a makeup girl! Being shy and not thinkin' too much about myself, I blew it off. Then, well, I got mugged (at knifepoint, and a little roughed up). All of a sudden, I realized that not only is life short, but I better appreciate what I got while I've got it. I may not be the best lookin' girl around, but someday some crazy person might come around and suddenly I'd be WISHin' I looked like I do now... soooo....  my boyfriend got me a digital camera for my birthday, and one day I took some test shots.  I had no makeup and my hair was a mess, but the pics turned out so good, I submitted them to photographers I wanted to work with and to Barracuda. The next thing you know I was shooting all the time! I actually just took the last of those old test shots off my site! (I realized you could even see the remains of my mugging bruise on my thigh!! So tacky! But heidi-history none the less... he he he.) I guess the lesson is--enjoy what you've got! And quit bein' self conscious and walk tall--nothin's more attractive than confidence!!

JBP: When you think "pin-up," what images come to mind?

HVH: Probably a classic Elvgren--he's my fave. Then Vargas, Betty Grable--I think of 1940's pinups most, they really typify the idea of the "Pin Up Girl" to me. Its definitely expanded over the decades to include all types of pics of sexy girl-next-doors and vixens, but nose art girls and Elvgren "oops"-faces and the like are what I think of most.

JBP: What are your thoughts on all the retro pin-up models out there today?

HVH: I love them! When I first came upon the modern girls when I started entering contests and stuff, I was thrilled to find other girls like me loving the retro style and striving to make vintage-looking shots. And extra-thrilled to connect up with other girls--here at the JBP Cheesecake Contest! All the girls inspire me--from the other pro models who shoot with great photographers to the diy-girls--like I started as--creating beautiful images in her own home.  I like the girls who change it up the best--like Sari's stuff just keeps getting better and she's trying different eras and styles!

JBP: You have worked with some well known pin-up photographers including two we've featured at Java's Bachelor Pad--Danielle Bedics and Winkytiki. How are these people to work with? Is it a collaborative effort or do they just tell you were to stand? How have these photographers effected you own style and sense of pin-up?

HVH: You know, I have been incredibly lucky to work with the people I have--the best modern pin up photographers there are today!  Danielle, Octavio, David Perry, Marco Patino, Ashley Fontenot! I mean, really? I constantly think to myself that I am just a really good actress to have convinced all these people that I'm a model!  Ha ha ha! As for how we shoot--it depends, sometimes its something
specific the photographer has in mind, and you come in like a living prop, to help create the picture. Or, you just have a style in mind and you both play around and see where it takes you.  A couple shoots have been an idea I (or we, in the recent case of Sabina & I with Danielle) bring to the photographer that would shoot it best and create it together. Each photographer is different, and each time I shoot with a photographer, I learn more about how they work and how we work together. Ultimately, we're all there to make a great image--we all just have different positions in making it happen.

JBP: I know you said you started by taking your own photographs, which you still do. (Some great examples are on your website.) What's that like? Which side of the camera do you like better?

HVH: With my background behind the lens in film work, it is second nature for me to set up a good shot. Not to mention easier to take a risk and try something when you're the editor, too! Ya know, Bunny Yeager did the same thing! I enjoy both sides of the lens, but I think, at least for pin-ups, now is when I can be in front. As I age it will be natural progression to spend more time behind the lens! Sharing my experience and knowledge with the young'ens!

JBP: Not only do you model but you are also pursuing an acting career. You've 
had roles in the movie "Dazed and Confused" and the television shows "E.R." 
and "The O.C." You're also working on some independent films. You are a 
busy gal, aren't you?

HVH: Its kind of the other way around. While I just started modeling last year, I actually have been an actress for most of my life. I was in Dazed and Confused in Texas when I was 14 and that's what really did it for me--when I realized that I enjoyed MAKING the film more than the parties and press and seeing myself on the big screen. I wasn't the kid on the set hamming it up, I was the one  quietly
watching and listening to the director and DP set up the shots. That's the filmmaker in me--I do love being in front of the lens--but always for the purpose of being a part of the bigger picture. I love to tell a good story. TV has been good to me, but I seem to be Queen of the 30-second spots. But at least my small parts are fun ones! The E.R. thing was very cool--I got to play a sexy lil' wild woman that lets the new "punk" doctor, played by Shane West, uh... "crash" at her place. And I got to say one of the cheesiest lines on TV on The O.C. (one of my lines was, "I can't believe she'd even show her FACE in Newport!"  ha ha ha. Cracks me up every time!) I'm definitely still in that "starving artist" era of my life, but I'm getting there! 

JBP: I've also heard you're big into car culture. Tell us about it. You must be the prettiest grease monkey around.

HVH: I'm in an all girl classic car club--LA's Hell's Belles. It's been nice to meet other car-lovin' gals.  I haven't had much money to put into my rides over the years, and this is my first true vintage of my own. I even spent the 2 years before my truck with no car at all! Subways, buses and walkin' in LA!! In my family, if you couldn't change the oil, tires, brakes, etc.--you couldn't drive it! I haven't really been "under the hood" in years, but I just now have a garage of my own, so I am building up my toolset and stuff. Time to get back to it!  As for the prettiest grease monkey around...have you seen my car club buddy Melinda??

JBP: What other things are you working on currently? 

HVH: Isn't that enough!? Ha ha. Actually, I just shot footage of Devil Doll at the Doll Hut in Anaheim for a video I'm putting together.  Her music is really great, she's got awesome stage presence and I figured a Devil Doll video would be right up my alley. Kitten DeVille and her girlies did a burlesque show to open and that will be in the video, too! It will be hot! I'll be shooting more for that in January, too.  Also, Sabina and I have a couple other shoots together coming up! She's the best, and we work really well together, we've even discussed some publishing opportunities together. Spreadin' the good word of pinup! And, of course, I have lots more shoots to come!  (Octavio is shooting me, Sabina & Masuimi together next week, And I also have a pinup shoot with Marco Patino coming up!)

I just wanted to say a special thanks to all the pin up girls at Java's Cheesecake Contest--past and present. You all inspire--and the support here has been unmatched. Keep  snappin' beautiful pics of yourselves, and keep remembering how beautiful each of you are!  MUCH LOVE! 

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