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UFO's, JFK, and Elvis"UFO's, JFK, and Elvis"
by Richard Belzer
Ballantine Books, 1999
     In one little book, TV's best smart-ass cop and the country's best post-modern stand-up comedian Richard Belzer has combined three of my favorite things. I know the Tiki Lounge has been on a bit of a conspiracy kick, but I can think of no single strange phenomena genre that has captured the imagination more in the last decade. It seems Belzer has too been caught under conspiracy's spell. This book spends the first half mercilessly dismantling the official judgments of the JFK assassination, and then takes us on a rollercoster ride through UFO theories, faked moon landings, and all sorts of things that fly around up in the sky. Belzer shoots straight from the hip allowing himself to go off on all sorts tangents and sidebars. Here's an example of Belzer's outlook on the whole mess of JFK assassination theories: "Assassination theories. Thousands of pages of theories, countertheories, over a hundred witnesses who later died of weird causes...bizarre accidents...dirty underwear... Facts chasing facts chasing facts, a Japanese beetle jar...that jug of motor oil filled with bugs...a physicist's nightmare of neutrinos riding quarks in a rodeo in the fifth dimension... I sift through those pages day after day and I begin to feel like Boo Radley watching Who's the Boss? in Esperanto. Living my nightmare is like watching a David Lynch film of 'Johnny Got His Gun' projected on rain clouds in a Tasaday village. I was taught the truth will set you free...unless you want the truth about who killed JFK."
     If you find some of the other JFK conspiracy books we've featured a little too hard core for your tastes , then this book is perfect for you. It has all the info you need without all the heavy-handedness that other conspiracy book give you. On top of that, you get the wicked (and sometimes acidic) humor of Detective Munch. Conspiracy theory was never so much fun.

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