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Coffee Tea Or Me?"Coffee Tea or Me?"
by Trudy Baker & Rachel Jones
original: Bartholomew House Ltd., 1967
re-print: Penguin USA, 2003
     There was once a time when taking a flight meant something. It was an adventure, not the flying bus service it is now. Businessmen, Jets-setters, and vacationers stepped onboard knowing they would be met with a smile from a young, attractive stewardess. For most, the sexy stew was the best thing about the flight. Nothing did more for the image of the swinging fly girl than Coffee, Tea or Me? This book launches a string of knock-off and follow-up books (see "How To Make A Good Airline Stewardess") all adding fuel to the fire. In the 1960's, there was few other bachelor fantasies as strong as making it with a swinging stew. It didn't hurt that in reality airlines insisted that stewardesses be young, pretty, single women willing to wink at and laugh with the male clientele.
    Coffee, Tea or Me? is a memoir of two young stewardesses, Trudy Baker and Rachel Jones. They recount their adventuring going through stewardess training school to their lives flying from city to city. As much fun as they have in the air, it's nothing compared to what they do on their off hours. Coffee, Tea or Me? tells of "Stew-Bums, men who fly all around the country so they can be close to these beautiful women. And recount the "Stew Zoo," the loft apartment where dozens of stews live and love (Just imagine the slumber parties there!). And they even include a list of hotels in each city where stewardesses stay during layovers. 
     The most important part of the book is how these stews tell of the countless men who try and pick them up and the various ways they attempt it. In fact, the gals created a list of the different type of men that fly, their professions, and how they try and sweet talk the stews. It's the perfect how-to manual for the traveling bachelor!
     Even though the nature of air travel and the reality of stewardess profession has changed over the last thirty-some years, our fantasies involving sexy stews have not. In fact, in 2003 Penguin books re-released Coffee, Tea or Me? to entice and excite a new generation of swinging bachelors! 

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