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Any girl who wears a G-string can have an "off night"

"Exotic Errors"

by Ross R. Olney
Vol. 5, No. 3, 1961

    The NATURAL inclination when watching a stripper is to stare straight at strategic spots of her costume and hope for a split seam or broken strap. Accidents do happen--and more frequently than you might suppose if you haven't yet been lucky enough to be present on an "off" night. Strippers accept these memorable and often hilarious occasions as a hazard of the profession--occasionally they even help accidents along.
    Betty Adams, a luscious lass professionally known as "Fairy Flame" is probably still blushing over an accident that needed no help from her.
    Fairy was the second billed stripper at a club in Boston one night when the star became ill. Fairy promptly volunteered to replace her for the evening. The stage manager said okay, but since the featured stripper had a specialty act--well advertised out front--he wanted Fairy to use her costume and routine.
    Fairy quickly agreed and hurried into the new costume just in time to race on stage as the orchestra played the star's theme.
    Though both girls' cuddlesome bodies could be considered near perfect, they were not a perfect match. The long gloves came off fairly easily but then Fairy's troubles started. The outer breast covering--the bare beginnings of the act--refused to come off. Fairy threw in some extra humps and grinds while she worked with it. As a result, her G-string fell to her knees. When she bent to retrieve it. the top of her costume fell off. Staid Boston hasn't had such an eyeful since!
    But even so, Wilma Jackson would gladly have traded disasters with Fairy.
    Billed as "Rusty Revel," Wilma's act consisted mainly of bumps and grinds with emphasis on bumps. Wilma really knew how to bump!
    Even under normal conditions, Wilma's act drove the boys in the front row wild but one night in Kansas City her audience was unusually appreciative In fact their approval assumed the characteristics of a riot--even the stage manager in the wings was waving and shouting. Puzzled, but pleased, Wilma tossed him a special bump all his own and finished her complete routine.
    As she pranced off stage to thundering cheers, she felt a strange chill and realized she'd forgotten to wear her G-string.
    The peelers who arc most susceptible to legitimate accidents are those who use a "gaff" in their act. A "gaff" is a distinctive gimmick and they are well known for their lack of dependability.
    "Lady Godiva" was one of these acts. Normally, she rode on stage on a horse and sensuously devested herself of her costume and rode off covered by nothing but a long golden wig.
    The act was a wow--particularly one night in Long Beach.
    Backstage, moments before showtime, the horse died.
    The only replacement available on such short notice was a donkey, but Miss Godiva decided it would have to do.
    The orchestra sounded her cue. The donkey balked. No amount of pushing by hefty stage hands would get it to move. Its long loud brays threatened to drown out the orchestra.
    Just when everyone was about to give up, the donkey whimsically decided it was born to be a star and bucked its way to the middle of the stage.
    Almost unseated. Lady Godiva brushed part of the scenery where a nail was sticking out.
    Her costume snagged, and the audience was treated to the rare sight of Lady Godiva rolling off a donkey stark naked.
    The variety of accidents--real and contrived--that can happen to a stripper is infinite. In the last second rush, a girl can easily forget one pastie, her G-string or some other vital part of her costume. Once in awhile, when a girl has had a couple of drinks, she just gets carried away with enthusiasm and forgets when to stop. And, even a girl with good intentions can be the victim of a haywire gaff. So don't give up, the next time you watch a stripper she may have an "off" night.

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