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With all the skill of a seasoned stripper, Jayne proves she can keep male eyes focused on the "right places"




vol. 7 no. 8, 1963

    IN MOST FILMS, actors are the stars, heroes, protagonists; but in "The Vegas Story" the town itself is the star. The pomp and glitter of Las Vegas' gambling casinos and nude extravaganzas steal the show. Still, the "supporting" cast is pretty imposing. Such performers as Jayne Mansfield, Tony Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Vic Damone and Juliet Prowse capture the excitement that is Vegas.
    Scheduled to be released in Art theaters soon, "The Vegas Story" features buxom Jayne Mansfield in a strip sequence that typifies the fleshy spectacles for which the town is so famous. And Jayne performs with all the skill of a seasoned stripper!
    ADAM heard of Jayne's strip bit in the film, and arranged to cover her rehearsals in Hollywood prior to the actual shooting in Vegas.
    Chatting with Jayne during rest periods, she revealed her reasons for wanting to get the dance down pat.
    Choosing her words slowly, she said: "Deep inside every woman there are certain devices designed to attract a man--devices to attract a man's eyes to what he should be attracted to. I've always sensed this--been aware of it in my dress and the way I walk. Well, in this strip I do, I have a perfect chance to attract men's eyes--so I want to be just right. I guess it's a challenge."
    When ADAM arrived in Vegas, one week later, to watch the actual filming at the Dunes Hotel, it was obvious that Jayne had indeed met the challenge. Her movements were smooth and sensual, her timing flawless. When she finished (ending up in the briefest of briefs), there was a spontaneous burst of applause from the cast, crew members, cam era men. It was an ovation.
    Backstage, in her dressing room, Jayne slipped into her robe. She was obviously delighted by her success. "It's wonderful," she said. "I've al ways thought it's the role of women to spread sex and sunshine in the lives of men. This was the perfect way to do it."
    Jayne's dislike for excess clothing is well known. In fact, she seldom wears bra, panties, or other encumbrances. On this subject, Jayne says, "I know the experts say a girl can be just as sexy in high-necked dresses, but that's the hard way. If handled. tastefully, cleavage seldom fails. It's the easiest way to get eyes focused on the right places."
    In The "Vegas Story," one thing is certain--Jayne has all the male eyes focused on the right places...

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