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Liquid Conspiracy"Liquid Conspiracy"
by George Piccard
Adventures Unlimited Press, 1999
    "Liquid Conspiracy" is the perfect follow-up to another book we featured--"Mind Control, Oswald, & JFK." (Both book available from the very cool Adventures Unlimited Press.) Conspiracy theory books, on the whole, are one of the best genres out there. They mix political history, scientific history, and cultural history with a healthy dose of the whodunit. And unlike classic mysteries, the final pages give you no resolution on who held the smoking gun. Very post-modern. "Liquid Conspiracy" is nothing short of epic. This one little book ties just about every conspiracy together. They connect medieval religious groups to international bankers to Nazi Mad scientists to CIA mind control experiments to UFO's to Area 51 to the JFK and Robert Kennedy assassinations to the Heaven's Gate cult, Waco, AIDS and beyond. Whew! It's a strange roller coaster of shadow science and back alley spooks.
     Just to show you how deep the conspiracy goes, here's a portion of the back cover copy, "Piccard takes us from the horrors of the mind control experiments of Projects ARTICHOKE and MKULTRA to JFK's LSD experiences with Mary Pinchot-Meyer and his visit to a UFO site with Marilyn Monroe. The Odyssey includes the ever-expanding web of CIA involvement in the development of cults and killers; the secret underground of Dulce, New Mexico; the Dealy Plaza boneyard; and the pre-fab world plagues. Focusing on the bizarre side of history, Liquid Conspiracy takes the reader on a psychedelic tour-de-force. This is your government on drugs."
     One of the best parts of the book, and worth the price in and of itself, it the chapter titled: "Ohio: State of the Conspiracy." The author wants you to forget about Area 51 and take it on authority that the core of the Conspiracy is based in Ohio. It's the home of President Taft--the man who brought about the Federal Income Tax and the son of the man who founded the Skull and Bones secret society which then founded the Council on Foreign relations. (If you're a true conspiracy buff this should be setting off bells and whistles!)
    "Liquid Conspiracy" will open your eyes and your mind to the strange world around you. X-Files, eat your hearts out.

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