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 On Earth he was considered quite a guy, but this out-of-this-world chick was too much for him to handle

"Love In Orbit"

by Ross R. Olney


Modern Man

Vol. 8 No. 8-92, February 1959

    DREAMS OF NANCY and our last, sweet, unforgettable night together on earth went slowly spinning into the glaring, white light above me. I tried to pull back the darkness, at least until I could finish the critical part of the dream, but no luck. Nancy was gone and I was awake. Well, I'd tried.
    I opened my eyes using the only muscles I figured couldn't stab in protest, but I as wrong. That hurt just as much as the rest of them and in my six-four, 220. I've got a few to hurt.
    Above was the sun, or a sun, and I was flat on my back. Against the better judgment of my throbbing head, I rolled to one side.
    Analyze the situation, I thought. That's what they'd said in space school. OK, I would.
    I had left earth piloting a courier ship, destination Llfor. A simple two-day trip. Six hours out I was running the check list on hyperspace when...when what?
    The clocks were on, the coolers were on, I'd hit the reactor button and...here I was.
    That warm sun on my body was doing better than 16 liniments so it was easier this time to roll over to the other side. There she was! My ship, poised and ready to fly in a section of burned out grass. I could just about figure what had happened then.
    When I'd hit the reactor the hyper-mechanism must have failed, momentarily throwing the ship out of control. That buffeting is when I went out cold. With no one steering, it automatically switched to auto-pilot, homed, tested the atmosphere and landed on the nearest safe planet.
    With some effort I sat up and tested my arms and legs. Everything seemed to be functioning normally. I stood and walked to the ship which seemed in perfect order. Even the landing ladder was down and locked in the green, safe to use. I must have been out cold when I came down it some time before.
    To one side was a flat plain stretching off endlessly while the other way rose gently to a more hilly section. It was pretty country. I could see there was nothing the flat way, So I headed for the hills. That's where I made my mistake. If I had just crawled back in the ship and blasted off I wouldn't he spending so many sleepless nights now.
    Over that first hill was something every red-blooded man dreams of stumbling onto sometime in his life. I was on the outermost limits of an immense city--beautiful and shining, earth-like but still not at all similar to anything we have. The spires in the center of the city shone in the distance like narrow silver icicles stabbing into the sky. The immensity and grandeur of it almost took my breath away. It stretched off and filled almost to overflowing a deep, wonderful valley. I had apparently landed just beyond the furthest suburbs. Unfortunately, I realize now, I couldn't really enjoy it to the I fullest because of what was much nearer to me than the center of the city.
    That's what I meant by red-blooded men. I was on the edge of the lawn of a gigantic, rambling ranch type home, architecturally perfect, but even this didn't impress me at the time. Because stretched out there on the lawn on a 20 by 20 velvet blanket was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen...sun bathing...naked. And 18 feet tall at least!
    I knew for sure I wasn't on earth.
    In my whole life I'd never been completely speechless until that moment. Then she saw me.
    "Hello," she said, not moving or covering up.
    Her voice was soft and purring, not deep or harsh like her size implied. It was a wonderful voice.
    I still didn't have the slightest idea what to say; then my training came back.
    "Take me to your leader," I said, and immediately realized how ridiculous it must have sounded.
    She laughed, a wonderful bright laughter. She was unashamed and unafraid. Actually, what could I have done to HER.
    Brother, when she stood up and walked over to me it was a sight I'll never forget as long as I live. Long gorgeous legs tapering down to size 25 feet, but on her they looked good. Smooth hips and on up to, MY GOD what Hollywood could have done with THEM. And beautiful...well, she had the most perfectly formed features I've ever seen, and I've seen a few, topped by silver hair which flowed smoothly down to her shoulders. And I can vouch for the fact that it was naturally silver.
    "My name is Dorma," she said.
    "I'm...I'm Jerry Stack, Council Pilot, United Worlds," I stammered, struggling to regain my composure. After all, I was staring right at her...her...well, I'm six feet tall and she was 18, figure it out for yourself.
    "Won't you come into my house, Jerrystack?" she asked.
    What did I have to lose? She seemed more than friendly and besides, if I tried to run she could easily catch me with those long legs, especially since she wasn't carrying the extra weight of clothing. We walked, that is she walked and I ran, across the yard and while I was clambering up the two steps she breezed open the massive door. The pile of the rug came up over my shoes but I finally made it over to the davenport. Already I was worn out and from the way she was looking at me I figured she thought I was just getting started; actually, I was ready to quit.
    "Can I get a drink for you Jerrystack?" she purred.
    "No...no...Miss...er...Dorma, it's Jerry Stack, not Jerrystack. Jerry blank Stack."
    "No, Jerry...Oh, forget it. Yes," I dared, "I'll have a drink." Might as well be friendly. Besides I figured this would give her a chance to put some clothes on. Not that I have the slightest aversion to the female figure, especially put together the way this one was, but holy smoke, 18 feet of it? She glided through what looked like a barn door into another room. I looked around.
    It seemed to be just like any other room I'd ever seen except everything was so large. Three of me could have slept end to end on that davenport with room to spare. And you could have barbecued five steers at once in the fireplace and the windows looked like supercinemascope. I could have lived comfortably in just one closet of that place. Matter of fact it turned out I wasn't the first one to think of that.
    Dorma came hack in. Still no clothes. She handed me my drink and although she had had the foresight to mix it in one of her shot glasses I still had trouble lifting it.
    "You're an earthman," she said matter-of-factly.
    I almost choked.
    "You've seen men like me before?" I asked.
    "Once, when I was younger. Some women I knew had one of you as a pet. Kept him for some time I remember."
    I sure didn't like the happy gleam in her eye when she said it. I began to get warm.
    "For...some time?" I asked.
    "Oh, they had loads of fun with him."
    "I'll just bet they did." I was worried. "But what about your men. Didn't they mind their women having another man as a pet?"
    "Men?" She laughed. "Oh, we have no men here."
    Somehow I just knew that's the way it was.
    "Well, take off your clothes," she ordered.
    "Take off your clothes, silly. Nobody wears clothes here. You'll look funny wearing clothes."
    Not near as funny as I'd look without them. I mean I was strictly out of my class around women like Dorma. Besides, I didn't figure on staying there long enough to look funny or anything else.
    "Dorma, there's something you've got to understand I started.
    "If you're going to argue I'll do it myself. You'll see. You'll like it dressed like me."
    I liked her dressed like her, but not me. I started to slide away from her down the davenport. I was afraid to jump for fear of breaking my leg when I hit the floor. She came at me.
    And she did take off my clothes, impetuous girl, laughing all the time. She came at me like a lovely mountain and try as I might she was too much for me.
    So there I was. Dorma and I sitting side by thigh watching the sun set in the distance. How many times have I dreamed of a setting just like that, with a few minor changes of course. My anger at being undressed was dying and I began to philosophize with myself. After all, it's only her way.
    NO!...you Don't suppose...? She wouldn't try to...
    Naaahhh. It's just that they don't wear clothes here. I kept looking for a place to put my hands.
    I know you're wondering the same thing I was. With no men how do they...er...propagate the species, so to speak? To tell the truth I was afraid to ask, especially when I saw the gleam increase in Dorma's eyes as the evening wore on. However they did it, I got the idea that Dorma knew there was another way. I had to get out of there. Jerry Stack running out on a challenging situation like that! I wouldn't dare let any of the other Council Pilots find out.
    I know it makes me sound awfully silly, but I'd have left right then except that I couldn't reach the doorknobs. Otherwise it would have been easy. She'd just folded my clothes neatly on the table and I could reach up there by standing on the davenport. I had to figure a way to get outside.
    "About ready for bed, Jerrystack?" she purred.
    This sent a chill down my spine.
    This was it!
    If only she was about 26 sizes smaller we could have made beautiful music together but call me a low coward if you want to, I just couldn't work up my nerve. I guess I always liked short girls like Nancy. Anyway, what if Dorma happened to get carried away with the thing? I could he killed.
    She leaned across me to turn out the living room light and I got a whiff of her ethereal perfume. But in leaning that close to me it reminded me of what the boys at space school used to say about running through acres and acres barefooted. It wasn't funny any more.
    "In here, Jerrystack," she ordered, rising and heading for another room.
    She opened the door and I could see that it was the b...bedroom.
    "Now...now look here Dorma I started."
    "Come on," she said peevishly.
    I knew I'd have to play along with her, up to a limit of course, and make my break when the opportunity came. Against every manly instinct I have. I hoped it would be soon. She sure looked beautiful as I followed her into the massive bedroom.
    Boy, what I could have done with that bed on earth. It was a monster!
    For just a minute, just a very brief minute mind you, as Dorma bent over the bed to pull down the sheets, I weakened.
    What a challenge!
    What a story I'd have to tell!
    If I lived through it.
    That did it. I was determined to escape. Standing before me waiting, Dorma fulfilled every dream I'd ever had about the perfectly proportioned woman except for one detail, and because of that detail I had to get out. And fast. She waited and then, as if struck by a thought, turned back to the dressing table. Dressing table. That's certainly an incongruous name in a place like that. She happily pulled out a pillow case from one of her own massive pillows and, humming to herself, folded it carefully and lovingly to form a small pillow for me. This she placed snugly up against her own. Then, smiling and arms outstretched, she walked gracefully towards me.
    I had to stall for time.
    I went to reach into my pocket for a cigarette but all that did was make me feel ridiculous when I remembered I didn't have any pants on. She smiled and offered me one of hers. Of course it had been a long time since I smoked a 10-inch cigarette but after all, time was what I was after. I had to get outside. It was dark and I figured maybe I could give her the slip.
    "Dorma, before we...er...go to b...bed, let's step outside for a a minute. I'd like to get a view of earth from here."
    "You'll have plenty of nights for that Jerrystack," she murmured. This girl didn't want to waste any time at all.
    "But...but I...I need a breath of fresh air," I said, trying to look as faint as possible.
    "You earth people must be afraid of bed time," she complained. "My friend's pet was exactly the same way."
    Poor devil. I sympathized with him. I never did find out how long he lasted and I wasn't about to find out the hard way.
    "But I miss earth," I pleaded in my best soldier-of-fortune way.
    "Then come look out the window." She was purring again. "Come on over here be side me." She turned her back to me and bent over, looking out and up at the stars.
    I steadied myself and pulled my mind back to the business at hand. "But the ascension and declination is such that it will he right overhead," I said triumphantly.
    "Oh all right, come on."
    Once outside it was almost too easy. I guess she trusted me. I was still carrying the cigarette she'd given me and we came out without matches. When she went back in to get one I took off. I heard her calling me as I headed back to the ship hut it was too dark to see anything.
    "Jerrystack Jerrystack..."
    Jerrystack. Isn't that cute? I'll never forget it. Her voice wasn't demanding but cool and pleading as it floated across the yard and down the bill to me. Not loud but soft and tender. Again, for just a fleeting moment, I was tempted. But then a vision of Nancy, nice nornial-sized Nancy, floated before me and I went on, into the ship and set the controls to home on earth.
    It'll be three months before I get there. I'm sure not going to risk hyper-space again in this ship. But that's not too bad. Maybe in three months I can figure out some excuse for landing at the space port with no clothes on. And maybe in three months I can stop thinking of what it might have been with Dorma.

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