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Retro Pin-up Photographer Marco Patino:

Photo by Marco Patino
     It goes without saying that we over here at Java's Bachelor Pad like pictures of beautiful women. But in order to get said pictures, you need the talented eye of photographers such as Marco Patino. This self-taught, west coast photographer has a knack for finding some of the most beautiful women in California and beyond. With every picture, his bold style celebrates the natural curves and sultry figures of the women he photographs.

     Here now is an exclusive interview with Marco Patino.

*  *  *  *  *

Java's Bachelor Pad: You have photographed some stunningly--and I mean stunningly--beautiful women (including two of our Cheesecake gals, Miss Carol and Miss Jeanette). Where do you find them?

Marco Patino: I actually found Carol on a couple of (web) places, Danielle Beddics' site and I also saw her on the Viva Las Vegas website. I met Jeanette through Carol and saw that she had spunk so I shot her as well. As for where, anywhere really, friends, at car shows, through site as well as on the Internet. The newest source though is MySpace.com, there's some amazing women on there and I want to shoot them all! lol

JBP: Although you do photograph some blonde bombshells, most of the gals you feature have more of an "exotic" look to them. Is this something you actively search out?

MP: Yes, I find them a bit more characteristic, "exotic" is a good word, but it seems the circles I travel tends to overlap more with brunettes, plus I'm a sucker for them. I do plan on getting more blondes involved, just being picky as to who they are because anyone can dye their hair blonde, but can you "become" a blonde? To have an aura about her, that's the hard part.

JBP: Are there any models  you're dying to work with?

MP: Dying? Well, now that I'm "older" I don't seem to have to chase people down that I would've before because I let my work speak for itself. As for who, Dita Von Teese comes to mind, Lana Landis, Masuimi Max and Aria Giovanni also come to mind. But then again, there's a lot of new gals that are just as killer and have yet to be shown in the public light.

JBP: How did you start doing pin-up photography? Who influences you? Why do you do what you do?

MP: Pinup is just another extension of my repertoire, I really like creating my version of it but there are times when I won't do it, that way I don't get burnt out on the genre. As for influences all the greats, George Hurrell is the "Photo Zeus" of glamour, but people like Vargas, Elvgren, Petty also are there as well as my contemporaries such as Octavio of WinkiTiki, Danielle Bedics and David Perry. I learn from them all and continue to do so. I'm like a sponge with a camera attached to it! lol.

JBP: I know pin-up isn't the only style you work in, but I would like to think it's your favorite. Am I right?

MP: Yes, it's definitely one of my favorites because there's variations upon variations on themes, models et cetera.

JBP: What is it about retro photography that excites you? (and don't say it's the gals you photography.)

MP: I like play with colors, lighting and trying to take you back to a time when women were more human that a byproduct of some plastic corporation; real curves and real hot ladies. Grrrr! No offense to you modified gals though!

JBP: Your website features some great nudie-cutie photos. I've always wondered this--is it harder to photograph a model with or without clothes on?

MP: Oh, well it depends really on the model. Some are quite comfortable with it while others would never do it. That's one thing I'd like to stress, I always as the model what she is comfortable with, getting input from them is very important to the final image. As long as they're happy with what they came out with in the session then so am I.

JBP: Tell us about this pin-up project you're working on. Anything else going on with you right now?

MP: Well it's something that I just started in late Fall 2004. The work title for now is "Retro-listic, the Modern Day Pinup," which will take about two years to do and I'm shooting something for it almost every week. Most of the gals are not professional models but do have a photographic presence to them. It'll be broken down in sections such as traditional portrait, cheesecake/burlesque, edgy-fetish and the glamour nude. So there a little of something for everyone. It just something I have to get out of my system, I understand it's been done before, it's just my take on it. That's why I made up the work "Retro-listic," a realistic look at how my take on retro gals and the different themes. I also have a second website being built that will cater more to this side of me, pinup gals, glamour and kool cars. It'll go up in April to coincide with my first gallery show. The show will be at the Caged Chameleon Art Gallery in Santa Ana, California, and opens May 9th 2005, its about Female Erotica and Pinup Photography. I'm excited and I'll be there along with Maggie St. Thomas and Shannon Brooke, both excellent photographers in their own right. I'm excited and will have more updated info soon on my website. That's where you'll really get to see my work up close, not a computer screen and possible meet some of my muses, woo hoo!

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Marco Patino's Website>>>
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