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The Martini Kings
"Happy Hour"
The Martini Kings
SwingOMatic, 2005

     The one annoying thing with modern lounge bands is their inevitable slide into self-parody. They take on the role of the stereotypical role of the lounge lizard because it's an easy role to fall into. It's really a shame when this happens because it takes away from the legitimacy of some amazing music and musicians. Thank God, though, for the L.A. trio The Martini Kings. They walk that fine line of respect for the music while approaching what they do with a wink and a nod. It's a balancing act that works perfectly for them. They take the music seriously while not taking themselves too seriously.
     The Martini Kings’ latest release, Happy Hour, lives up to its name. It's a breezy mix of exotica, tropical favorites, and bossa nova standards. The music swings with a cool hipster's swagger invoking images of a favorite martini and mai tai-soaked cocktail lounge. Bottom line--these guys get it. Their version of “Tiny Bubbles” would make Don Ho proud. (The band actually gets some help on that song from pop star Matthew Sweet.) “Quiet Village” is given just a touch of modern angst. “So Danco Samba” and “Wave” sizzle with that big bossa nova beat. And their renditions of “Stardust” and “Sleepwalk” make you want to cry in your martini glass. 
     If making great music weren't enough, these guys also had a hand in producing one of the greatest modern bump-and-grind movies to date--Camp Burlesque. Based on all those great exploitation films where half-naked cutie frolic through the woods, Camp Burlesque feature some of the most amazing beauties to every shake and shimmy including Erochica Bamboo, Kitten DeVille, Mimi LeMeaux, Jessika Von Guhr, and Cherry Capri.
     No doubt about it, The Martini Kings’ version of the world is this just this side of bachelor heaven!
     Here are some music samples from The Martini Kings: "Brief and Breezy," "Summer Samba," "The Pink Panther," "Girl From Ipanema," "Days of Wine and Roses," and "Watermelon Man."

The Martini Kings

Camp Burlesque

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