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JBP's 7th Cheesecake Queen: Minnie Vicious

Minnie Vicious
     Our latest Java's Bachelor Pad Cheesecake Contest (#7) is now history and we have ourselves a new Cheesecake Queen! In all, 906 votes were cast. 160 of those (17%) went to the gal who now wears the Cheesecake Crown...the sultry Minnie Vicious. This beauty marks a Cheesecake Queen first. Not only does this gal know her stuff when it comes to modern pin-ups, but she is also an up-and-comer on the burlesque scene. At the tender age of 19, this gal has already made a name for herself and she's just getting started! She's one of the new generation of gals who were bitten early by the pin-up and burlesque bug. They are starting to come of age and are hitting the scene in a big way. We are proud to have Minnie Vicious as our latest Cheesecake Queen and are happy to include her in JBP Modern Femme Fatale Gallery
     Below is an exclusive interview with Minnie Vicious including lots of photos from this gorgeous girlie!

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(Interview from July 2006)

Java's Bachelor Pad: Well, congratulations on being voted the newest Cheesecake Queen. What was your first reaction when you first found out?

Minnie Vicious: Thank you very much Java! Also, thank you for putting on such a wonderful contest for all the pin-up girls! I was actually on the phone with a good friend and my photographer, Christopher Wright, when the contest was coming to an end. I think I was telling him my silly story about my first garter belt which I got when I was 13! It's about 1:10 a.m. (my side) and he cuts me off and says "Sorry Minnie.....but it says here you're the new Cheesecake Queen!" My first response was "Shut up! You're kidding me! It's one of your tricks!", and he assured me it wasn't and read the results. I just sat there, on my giant pink powder puff (one of my burlesque props which doubles as my floor pillow that I sit on when I do my costumes and crafts!), I was holding my first garter belt, and just thinking about how I am following up such lovely ladies as Miss Kay (O'Hara) and Gigi (Valiant). I was completely awestruck! Then I told Chris "Java's gonna call me! I gotta get off the phone!".  We said our goodnights and I told him if he wanted to speak to me again, I will try to pencil him in! We both laughed and hung up, then you called me!
     (Editor's note: Minnie told me she wasn't going to be around a computer when the winner was announced. She gave me her number and told me to call her and tell her who won. She had no idea that she was going to be the new Queen.)

JBP: Yours is a real story of persistence. Last contest you only gathered six votes. This time around, you got 160 votes. I know last contest you were rather new to the pin-up scene, but what do attribute your recent success to?

MV: I still feel like I'm new to the pin-up scene and photography. I'm learning things every day and everytime I shoot! I love it! The first time around, not many people knew what I was doing or about me.  I admit , I didn't even get to promote the Contest as much as I wanted to. I didn't know how to make an online banner or anything! I learned how to do these little things with time, of course, and no I can promote myself better. Mainly, I attribute my recent success by putting myself out there and promoting who I am and what I do.
     I posted a few bulletins and comments, and my friends reposted, and it went on from there! More people see the banners and my photographs, and more people know about me! I do this online and  even in person. The way I look online, is really how I look like when I go out and about on the town! Even to work. The only difference is I don't run around in my "intimates" or wearing sequin and fringe! But I do wear nice dresses, dress pants, or skirts, high-heels and I have my hair and makeup done very well! I always wear red lipstick, day or night!
     At night, I usually wear stockings, little hats, and gloves! I don't call this 'dressing up' since I wear these things all the time, but it sure gets everyone's attention! And there is when the promoting comes in. I get many people asking to take pictures (usually tourists - I live in Florida, what do you expect!?!), and many people ask me questions about where I get my fashions and who I am. That's where I slip them my business card!
     So be who you are and promote yourself where ever you go, because you never know who you're going to meet!

JBP: In some of our e-mails, you've told me stories of how people are starting to recognize you out and about. Care to share one of your "rock star" moments with the rest of our readers?

MV: I have had a few 'rock star' moments, but they sure make you feel great! They assure you that you are getting yourself out there and people are really seeing what you're doing...and that they like it! I just recently had a moment where I was doing some shopping at Hot Topic. The sales associate came up to me and introduced herself, then talked about the sales and if I needed any help to let her know. She came back a few minutes and asked "are you that shimmy cheesecake queen pin-up girl from MySpace?" to which I responded "who do you know that's not on MySpace?" and we both just started laughing! I said yes and introduced myself to her as  a pin-up and burlesque performer. She then congratulated me on my new title as Cheesecake Queen! I asked her how did she hear about me, and she told me that one of her friends had my 'Vote for Cheesecake Queen' banner on his profile! I told her to keep in touch with me online, and that I will see her again since I always shop at her store. Thanks to the most addicting internet craze, I'm known as "That pin-up shimmy girl from MySpace". Which is great of course!

JBP: If I'm not mistaken, you are the first burlesque/pin-up girl we've had win the title of Cheesecake Queen. Which came first? When did the burlesque/pin-up bug bite you?

MV: Why yes I am! The Burlesque bug bit me first...and let me tell you, it bit me hard! I was about 12 when I saw the movie Victor/Victoria in which there is a scene with Leslie Ann Warren doing a Vaudeville style burlesque in a pink frilly dress. I was in love! I wanted to dance how she danced and wear the little pink bow and corset costume that she had on! That's where my obsession began. I watched old films on TCM, and when I first discovered the internet world at age 14, I went crazy looking for anything I can find about these "glamorous ladies doing some sort of show-girl dancing" as I called it. There I started to research the culture, music, the way of dressing, and then came the pin-ups! I was about 15 when I came across the pin-up. I found a site that posted many of Gil (Elvgren's) drawings and then *bite* I saw his pin-ups. I was stunned by their beauty...they were just perfect. That's who I wanted to be.
     I was about 16 and a few months when I decided that when I turned 18 I wanted to show my first burlesque performance! The same way I saw it for the first time....less skin, more shimmy shakes! The first day after my 18th birthday I did my first pin-up shoot! It was me wearing pink and black lingerie, in front of pink fabric. My boyfriend took my photographs! I remember him getting on a chair to get a 'cool angle' and saying "make that funny "Uh-Oh!" face you do!" I had a blast, and I will never forget every detail of that day!
     A few weeks later, I did my first burlesque! I performed at a little dive bar to some Elvis tracks and was wearing a polka dot dress with a pink girdle set under. I took off my dress only to dance around in my girdle and a pink matching parasol which I did some funny tricks with. People came in from the streets and crowded the bar! The place loved it so much I got booked to do a few more shows on the spot! After this, I moved on to perform in bigger and better stages and headline many more events!

JBP: Since you are a part of both of those worlds (burlesque and pin-up), talk about how the two intersect and how the two separate themselves.

MV: I feel that Burlesque is sort of a live version of a Pin-Up shoot! You come up with a cute outfit, and theme for your shoot. You gather your props and start to pose. The same comes around for Burlesque only you dance to music and you take off a few more pieces as you shimmy! I have been inspired from routines to do a photo shoot and from photo shoots to do a new routine. You really can't promote your burlesque shows without taking photos for people to see a 'preview' of your show first. They need something that will catch their eyes, and come to your show to see you tease them live! One of the differences is that in a pin-up shoot you can "fix" anything you don't like. When you're doing a live burlesque show, whatever you look like is what you look like and nobody can change that. So in other words; I can suck in my tummy for photos, but it's very hard to do when you're shimmy shakin' on stage!!! Hehe!

JBP: Where do you draw your inspiration from (both the burlesque and pin-up)?

MV: I have so many! I don't think I will be able to list them all! Older burlesque performers that have inspired me are Tempest Storm, Sally Rand, Dixie Evans, Carmen Miranda (even though she was more of a show gal!), and Lili St. Cyr. Modern ladies that have inspired me in burlesque are The Pontani Sisters, Kitten DeVille, Dita Von Teese, and my favorite Dirty Martini!
     My inspirations in Pin-Up are the classic beauties like Rita Moreno, Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, and so many unknown cheesecake gals from the men's magazines! Modern inspirations are Miss Kay O'Hara (her settings and details are just great!), Dita, and so many of the modern pin-ups! Each girl who is a pin-up model has inspired me. Miss Anneliese's site was one of the first pin-up sites I came across back in 9th grade! I fell in love with the few images she had up
at the time.

JBP: Have you been able to tap into a pin-up/burlesque community where you're at (Florida)?

MV: Oh yes I have! The "scene" here isn't very big, and it's so hard to find people that you have these things in common with. So many people are into my burlesque shows here in Florida because it's not something you see all the time. I perform my shows in a very classic and glamorous way, that I quickly received a great response from my audience. What I do is so nostalic, and people really like taking that trip to pin-up land! And to think of it, I really don't think anyone was doing  'neo-burlesque' in Florida, until I started doing shows. If someone was, then many people didn't hear about it. And believe me, I was doing research in Florida for years!
     Vanity Flair was probably the first pin-up I talked to online that lives in Florida. Also Lady E and Miss Cherry Blossom (a Jane Mansfield look a like!).  Just recently I found great photographers in the state, so now I don't have to travel much to take great photos!

JBP: You are also active in the fetish community taking your burlesque act to fetish conventions.
How does that side fit into these other aspects of your life?

MV: I get asked this question so many times! It got to the point where I wrote a small essay about it on my blog!
     In my own opinion, burlesque and fetish compliment each other so well. A major part of my bookings are for fetish events, and shows. I think this is because I, in a way, am a CLASSIC fetish model, and performer. Way before the latex, and extreme kink, the fetish was gals in high-heels, corsets, and lingerie!
     The more 'extreme' fetish that I know of was things like Bettie Page in bondage and wearing leather gloves! So when I come on stage wearing a tightly cinched corset, stockings, garter belts,
and dancing around really gets the fetish crowd! And if I want to be really kinky, I might dance around with a whip! Oh my! How naughty am I? Haha! 
     When I went to FetishCon last year people were wanting to take photographs with me and know more about me! I was one of the few girls there wearing corsets, girdles, and my retro styles! I was the only Latina girl there that was a retro pin-up and burlesque performer. This quickly got everyone's attention. burlesque and pin-up is so appreciated in the fetish world because of it's class and tease.
     People automatically think of these "weird" things when you hear the word fetish, but fetish really is something that you like. I like being extremely femme and glamorous. I love corsets, retro lingerie, and high-heels! If you want, you can call these things my fetish!

JBP: It looks like things are just starting to take off for you. What's next for Minnie Vicious?

MV: I have so much to do! Right now I'm working on some sponsorship deals and my main event will be FetishCon! I have a big show that weekend, as well as a burlesque and classic striptease class during the convention! After that, I would like to do some photo shoots our of state, and some burlesque conventions.  My main goal, is to expand the retro culture in Florida. Little by little, shimmy by shake, I'm going to make it!

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