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Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass
"Fiend Club Lounge"
Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass 
Ryko, 2005

     Back in 1999, a strange CD appeared on the lounge landscape. The lounge revival was winding down and a most people out there jumped on the "let's cover rock songs like they were lounge music songs" bandwagon. Most of this stuff was forgettable, but there was one CD that stood out for its daring. It was the Ramones Songbook as Played by the Nutley Brass. Strange as it might seem, the Nutley Brass created a weird sort of musical voodoo mixing their style of Tijuana Brass-meets-high-school-marching-band with the pure punk power of the Ramones. It quickly became on of those CD's you brought out at parties when you really wanted to blow people's minds.
     Well, the Nutley Brass is back. And this time they're taking on horror-rockers the Misfits. An odd pairing to say the least. What's even odder is the Misfits have put their stamp of approval on this project. As founding member Jerry Only says in the press release, "If Grandpa Munster had a band as a teenager it would have sounded like the Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass!"
     The Nutley Brass seems to have graduated from their high school marching band music and have moved more into sixties pop bordering on the early psychedelic sound. There are even hints of Motown (albeit filtered through white bread) on this collection of 11 classic Misfits tunes. If nothing else, the dark Misfits sound is made even creepier with the Nutley Brass's pseudo-Up With People approach. It's the same sort of thing that makes clowns so creepy to people.
     Despite all that (or maybe because of that), Fiend Club Lounge is a must for all hipsters. It gives you both your cult rocker cred as well as adds a few point to your modern lounge cool cat scale.
      One final point of interest--the front and back covers were painted by Basil Gogos. He's the guy who painted many of the legendary "Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazine covers.

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