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Bachelor Pad Spotlight:
Thank You, Vegas!!!

A Special Note From Java

Well, I'm just about recovered from my trip to Las Vegas and I have to say a heart-felt "Thank You" to everyone who helped make the very first Java's Bachelor Pad Cocktails and Cheesecake Party a smashing success. We saw some great burlesque acts, listened to a great band, hung out with the most beautiful pin-up gals, and raised a few dollars for Exotic World. I'll have pictures to share in just a bit, but first let me give mention to some of the individuals who helped make my dream of a pin-up get-together come true...

Thank you to my co-hosts Kay O'Hara and Gigi Valiant who couldn't have been more charming. Kay is a force of nature and Gigi is one of the smartest women I know. It was her tireless efforts that really made this thing happen.

Thank you to our amazing burlesque gals: Lolita Haze, who started the show and made everyone go wild with her tassel twirling. Jax from the Boston Babydolls, who was the cutest cowgirl this side of the Rio Grande. Zaraa Ra'Naa, who is a burlesque powerhouse making jaws drop all over the room. And the red-hot Kalani Kokonuts, who raised the temperature in the room about 100 degrees.

Thank you to the great rockabilly band Brian Jay and the Rockin' Jesters! Half-naked gals are a tough act to follow, but these guys kept the bar rocking.

Thank you to Augusta aka Penny Starr Jr. who manned the raffle table looking fabulous in her crutches and losing her voice for a good cause.

Thank you to Jeanne Carmen and Dixie Evans for being our special honored guests. I don't know how many pictures these gals took with people. They are both amazing and inspirations to every one!

Thank you to the Art Bar and our killer dj's Cody and Special Guest DJ.

Thank you to our raffle sponsors: Secrets In Lace, Nicole Moan Corsets, Bad Attitude Boutique, Hard Case Crime, BowlingShirt.com, Sports Pin-Ups, Crusin' U.S.A., Hot Rod Dolls, Badland Beads, Kay O'Hara's website, It's A Chick Production and Charlotte Thomson

And thank you to photographers Don Spiro and Loki who shot great photos and all the Cheesecake Gals--too numerous to mention--who came out and made the night picture perfect! Thank you, everyone!

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