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"The Flying Saucer Seduction"


Let's Face The Facts About Flying Saucers by Gabriel Green

Popular Library, 1967


     "One of the most incredible stories of contact with aliens from other worlds involved Antonio Villas Boas, a semiliterate farmer who lives in the isolated back country of Brazil.
     In the fall of 1957, Antonio was a healthy twenty-three-year old Brazilian farm youth who stood slightly more than five feet in height. He lived with his parents on their farm near the town of Francisco de Sales in the state of Minas Gerais. Antonio had never heard of flying saucers or UFO's until he became the captive of a flying saucer crew and the subject of a startling biological experiment.

* * * * *

     (On) October 15, Antonio returned alone to the field to complete the plowing. 'It was a clear night. The sky was filled with stars and it was warm,' said Antonio. 'Suddenly one star seemed to move. It grew larger as it moved closer.'
     The bright light dropped from the sky and took shape of a glowing, egg-shaped machine. It hovered at the edge of the plowed field, then flew toward the farmer with tremendous speed. It stopped about thirty feet from the tractor, hovered, and threw a pale red light over the field. 

* * * * *

     Frightened for his life, Antonio leaped from the tractor and dashed across the plowed field.
     'I had only gone a short distance when somebody grabbed my arm,' the Brazilian said. 'He was a little man that just reached my shoulder and he was dressed in strange clothes."
     Antonio lashed out violently and knocked the stranger down. 'I started to run again but four other small men appeared and grabbed me firmly, lifting me off the ground. All I could do was twist and struggle,' said Antonio.

* * * * *

(narrative of Antonio being brought onto the ship) Two of the little men grabbed Antonio firmly by each arm. 'The others looked me over and talked in grunts, like dogs do.' said Antonio.
     After grunting for several minutes, the little men stripped the clothes from the young farmer. Antonio's screams caused the little me to stop their efforts.
     'They indicated they did not understand me and stared and made motions to indicate they were being polite. At no time did they hurt me badly or even tear my clothing,' Antonio said later.

* * * * *

     After bathing their captive, the little men forced the frightened farmer into a chamber...After obtaining the specimens of blood, the two little me left the room.
     'The room was empty except for a couch,' Antonio said. 'It seem to be some sort of bed, although there were no legs or headboard. There was a rise in the middle, like a hump, and it looked uncomfortable.'

* * * * *

     'After what seemed to be a very long time, a noise at the door made me stand up,' Antonio told his interviewers. 'I look toward the door and was given a terrible shock. A woman was walking toward me . I stared openmouthed, for this woman was entirely naked, as naked as I was, and barefoot too.'
     Antonio said the girl was perhaps four feet six inches in height. Her hair was blonde, nearly white, and it was smooth, quite thin, and parted in the middle. The girl had large blue eyes, elongated rather than round, and they sloped outward as if they were slit.
     Her nose was straight and she had high, prominent cheekbones. Under her cheeks her face narrowed and ended in a pointed chin. Her lips were extremely thin, almost invisible.
     'Her body was more beautiful than any I have ever seen,' Antonio reported. 'It was slim and her breasts were well separated and stoop up high. Her waist was thin, her belly flat, her hips well developed, and her thighs were large. Her feet were tiny and her hands were long and narrow.'
     As the door closed behind her, the girl walked silently toward the Brazilian. 'She looked as if she wanted something from me and suddenly hugged me and began to rub her head from side to side against my face. Her body was glued to mine and it was also moving. Her skin was very white and she was full of freckles on her arms.'
     As their petting continued, the girl made an occasional grunt or howling sound like the men had uttered. A normal sex act took place on the couch and, after more petting, Antonio responded again.
     'She never kissed me,' Antonio reported. He said she opened her mouth to do so once, then changed her mind and bit him softly on the chin. The howling sounds from the girl during their sexual union reminded Antonio of animal noises and the howls had nearly spoiled the act for him.
     Afterwards the girl moved away from Antonio, grunted, and another alien appeared in the room. The girl pointed to Antonio, pointed to her stomach and then to the sky before leaving the room.

* * * * *

     Some UFOlogists report this could be another stage in the UFO enigma 'as saucerians would undoubtedly want to know whether sexual union between the two worlds would be possible.'"

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