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Yodel in Hi-Fi
"Yodel in Hi-Fi"
Marieluise Tichy with the 2 Rudis, 1958

     This week we return to the world of vinyl for a truly horrifying selection: Yodel in Hi-Fi. This is one of those albums that you would never dare listen too, but is just too interesting not to have as part of your collection. With the idyllic scene of traditional yodelers mixed with 1950's hipster typefaces, Yodel in Hi-Fi combines the best of both worlds. You have your high fidelity, stereophonic quality to please the technophile in you and the pure Alps tones of Marieluise Tichy and company to cure that part that needs to hear yodel music. This is what 1950's hi-fi music was all about--being a service to all of your leisure hour needs. And those needs (no matter how good, or bad, the music) will, of course, be made better by the wonders of stereophonic technology. The implication being that technology is a benevolent force that will make everything, including the shrill echoes of alpine yodeling, more palatable and thereby enhance your entertainment experience. You can tell the person writing the liner notes is trying to make a silk purse out of the sows ear they have been given. (Also, pay attention to how this copywriter lays it on extra thick by using over sentimental clichés.) "The true Yodel is merely a long wordless vocalise. A whole series of these would be a bit monotonous after a while. The yodels contained here are more in the line of folk-songs. They are very vigorous and lively. One of the many happy memories of alpine countries (besides mountain climbing, which is fine for some people) is hearing a group of such yodels as on the present record, on a fine sunny morning. The joy is infectious and you find that your spirits already bursting with life are given an extra lift by these irrepressible notes. So--close your eyes, turn up the volume and imagine yourself high in the alps with the fresh cool breezed tickling your face and the hot sun warming your body while the yodelers warm the cockles of your heart."


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