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Modern Femme Fatale: Sabina Kelley

Sabina Kelley
     You saw her on the cover of issue 3 of Bachelor Pad Magazine. Odds are, you've seen her on a lot of other magazine covers too. Sabina Kelley was recently named by AskMen.com as the #2 modern pin-up model out there (behind only Dita Von Teese). To say Kelley is one of the most popular and most in demand modern pin-up gals is a bit of an understatement. This gal has gone supersonic. He are happy to add her to our list of Modern Femme Fatales. Below is an exclusive interview with this pin-up all-star!

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(Interview from July 2008)

Java's Bachelor Pad: Everyone loves the "Sabina Shows You Her Bongos" photos from Bachelor Pad Magazine 3. Did you have fun doing those photos? How was that photo session like? You work with photographer Les Slenning a lot.  How is it working with her? Who comes up with the ideas?

Sabina Kelley: Lesley and I had a lot of fun shooting "Sabina Shows You Her Bongos." We  were not 100% how we were gonna shoot this set, so this shoot did not have a lot of planning in it. Which sometimes turns out to be my best photos. The shoot lasted about 4 hours with hair and makeup. I did my own makeup and Candace Campbell did my hair. Actually Lesley is one of my best friends so anytime we shoot it is a lot of fun. Except for more than half of the time we are screwing around. It is really hard for me to take shooting with her serious.  We are always goofing off. Lesley probably has more pictures of me doing stupid stuff than real pictures that we can use. Ha ha! Everyone thinks we shoot all the time and we should since we live in the same town and are such great friends, but we don't. We are both just crazy busy. I think In 3 years I have only shot with Lesley 5 times. Both of us come up with the ideas for shoots. We collaborate so we are both on the same page and happy with what we are gonna shoot.

JBP: You've been on the Pin-up scene for a while now. How did you get started? Who are your influences?  

SK: Yes, I've been a professional Pin-up Model for 6 and a half years now. I got started by accident. I was asked by a friend to shoot for the Cover of Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine Issue #5. It was one of my first real Pin-up shoot, and I did amazing and fell in love with it.   From there everything kind of fell into place and snowballed into what I am today. My influences are Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese.

JBP: Let's talk about your full-sleeve tattoos. What designs are on them? When did you get them done? The thing I like about you is your tattoos don't detract from your overall glamour and Pin-up look. Talk about your own Pin-up look. What is your Pin-up Philosophy? What makes a good Pin-up like you?

SK: I have two full sleeves of tattoos. My left arm is all Traditional work. My right arm is all Japanese. I also have the back of my neck tattooed and my knuckles. I started getting tattooed 10 years ago. I slowly got tattooed. I never rushed to get any of them. When I started out as a Pin-up Model none of the other Pin-ups had tattoos, or if they did they were tiny ones that you did not notice.  A lot of photographers did not want to shoot me because of the tattoos, but I slowly made a name for myself and proved to everyone what I could do. A lot of photographers that wanted nothing to do with tattoos broke their rules for me after that. Real Pin-ups back in the day did not have tattoos, so that was my unique look as a modern day Pin-up. My Pin-up philosophy is follow your dreams and be yourself. Don't follow any of the other Pin-up Models do what makes you happy and keep moving forward and don't look back. What makes a good Pin-up to me is someone who is unique, is friendly, and not a backstabber, someone who has curves, personality, and their own style. Someone doing something that no one else is doing in the scene, so you stand out.  

JBP: What's your opinion on the current state of Pin-ups? Where do you think it's going? Who do you admire?

SK: I think the current state of Pin-ups is getting huge. I'm not sure if I like where it is going though. Everyone thinks they are a Pin-up Model or a Pin-up Photographer. It is not as easy as putting on vintage lingerie or cutting bangs, or just picking up a camera. Pin-up modeling and photography has a lot of style and is not easy to do, if your doing it right. I hope Pin-up is going more mainstream. That is kind of what I'm trying to push for.  I admire a lot of Pin-up Models. I love Dita Von Teese, Heidi Van Horne, Dayna Delux, and Kay O Hara, just to name a few. Honestly I don't know a lot of the new Pin-up Models.  

JBP: It's hard to look at a news stand without seeing you on the cover of some magazine or another (Bachelor Pad Magazine included). To say you're in demand right now is a bit of an understatement. What drives you?  

SK: My dreams drive me! I want to do anything and everything I want to do. I don't let anyone or anything stand in my way.  

JBP: You once were a Vegas Showgirl and now you do Burlesque. Talk about your performances and how you fit that into your Pin-up lifestyle.

SK: Yes, I was a Las Vegas Showgirl at Bally's Hotel in Las Vegas for 2 and half years. Now I'm currently a Burlesque Dancer. My Burlesque shows are usually out of the country right now. I've been too busy modeling to focus on shows here in the states. I am opening up my own Burlesque Show at a Casino out here in Vegas though, by the end of the year. So, I will be performing in the US. It's a big surprise what my dances are gonna be, but I perform anything from a classic fan dance to a demented zombie dance.  

JBP: What projects are you working on?

SK: I have a lot of projects in the works. I have a 2009 Calendar coming out in October, a 2nd edition of the Pin-up Playing Cards coming out at the end of the year, I'm opening a Burlesque Show at one of the Casino's in Vegas, I'm working on a TV Show, I have a new website in the works, and there is a lot more surprises!

JBP: What does the future hold for Sabina?

SK: Hopefully a lot more success and happiness!!! I just want to keep conquering my dreams one after another!!!  

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