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JBP's 10th Cheesecake Queen: Starla James

Starla James
     It's a new year and with that comes a new member to our Modern Femme Fatales gallery. At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Day, we crowned ourselves a new Cheesecake Queen!
     Our twice-a-year on-line pin-up contest has grown and become more popular than ever! This time around we had the most votes ever cast for a contest--over 1,000 votes! And collecting 213 of those votes was our new Cheesecake Queen Starla James
     James hails from the UK, but can really make any red-blooded American male become weak in the knees. She was the first one sign up for the contest when the list opened on November 1st. And was not shy about promoting herself.
     Since this was our big 10th Cheesecake Contest, the good folks over at Cameo Intimates Lingerie offer up an amazing prize--a custom lingerie set designed and named after our new Queen!
     Here now is an exclusive interview with and pictures from our newest Cheesecake Queen, Starla James.

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(Interview from January 2008)

Java's Bachelor Pad: Congratulations on becoming the latest JBP Cheesecake Queen! I know one of the big prizes this time was a custom lingerie set from Cameo Intimates Lingerie designed and named after you. Any thoughts yet on what you're going to do?

Starla James: Thank you very much Java! It's incredibly overwhelming. I just found out recently that Cameo Intimates want me to help design the set. I am not sure yet how far I can go with it. I would love to include silk and satin, a great push up effect and maximum comfort. My mom Lynne has asked, if possible to place the adjusters at the front as there is nothing more annoying than having to wrestle with your bra straps when out at at a club or bar, so I said I would do my best, as its a very good idea. I want the set to please everyone as this is a very special prize.

JBP: You were right there when the contest opened and were the first gal entered. I get the feeling you had the Cheesecake Queen crown in sight the whole time.

SJ: Ha ha, I was up at something like five in the morning as well. I had never entered a contest or competition before in my life, so I just decided that if I was going to enter. Then I was in it to win. I put in a lot of dedication throughout the contest and didn't slack for one day, so that whether I won or not, I would know I did my best. That is what really counts at the end of the day. Winning the contest has definitely brought out my competitive streak but at the same time I am the type of gal where if I saw someone else deserved it more/worked harder, I would let them have it instead and wait for another time.

JBP: Tell us a little about yourself. You're new to the scene, aren't you? How did you get started?

SJ: I have been modeling on and off for a few years testing the water with different looks. Really, it's a shame I didn't grasp Pin-Up earlier in my life, as I have always been surrounded by the Americana influence, even living in the U.K.
     My dad, Pete, who sadly passed away recently was incredibly in love with the states and everything 40's and 50's.
     I was brought up in America, where my Dad built up and customized old classic cars, way before Pimp My Ride, so I was always around the influence.
     Before he passed away my Dad told me to go blonde and to find a niche. So i dyed my hair, then came the red lipstick, and from there a pure dedication to produce an authentic vintage look on a day-to-day basis. And I love it so much. I never really fitted in with fashion, being told how to look and how to be sexy. The women of 60 years ago definitely knew how to look glamorous and sexy.

JBP: Talk about some of the photo shoots you've done. Where do you get your ideas?

SJ: A lot of the shoots I have done so far have been quite tame to everything I want to do. I have quite the imagination and I love using it--especially in the artistic sense with backgrounds of shoots, and themes.
     Again, I love creating an authentic look. If someone gives me the compliment that I really nailed "THAT" look, then I'm a happy lady!
     I am really lucky that I have a boyfriend who has an incredible imagination too. If mine lets me down for any reason and I get a mental block, my fella Matt aka Dexter James will step in and create something that is really awesome!!
     I am lucky that we have some incredible locations, like Corfe Station which I modeled at recently. That place is just perfect, and I hope to do that shoot again in the summer but this time with one of the steam trains.

JBP: Who are your influences? What modern pin-up girls inspire you? Why?

SJ: The woman that really made me go wow from the beginning is Sabina Kelley. She is not only stunning but she really has an individuality which you are either born with or not, she has it all for me!! I adore Heidi Van Horne, Bernie Dexter, Masuimi Max and Emily Marilyn. And of course Dita Von Teese.
     All these woman are incredibly good role models as well, they all have their individuality, they have fun with what they do and they are nice gals too.

JBP: In your opinion, what makes a good pin-up girl?

SJ: A gal who is not afraid of being individual, setting yourself apart from the crowd and having that certain something special--that something that makes people come back for more! Of course a face full of expression and working with what you have, and then flaunting it. A good Pin-Up can be any size, hair color etc... its all about how you use it and excepting that you are gorgeous because you are YOU. If Pin-Up is what ya wanna do, don't let anyone stop you!! And of course, always having fun with it!!

JBP: Now, you're from the UK. What's the pin-up scene like in your area? How hard is it to be a pin-up in the UK? Do people around you get it? Any plans to visit the US soon?

SJ: I think it helps that I was brought up in America. I had such a wonderful exciting childhood thanks to my parents. It is of course quite different from the US. In my town, as far as I know, I am the only gal that dedicates herself to a vintage look. When I go out people sometimes look shocked. They will often come up to me and ask questions about what I am wearing or compliment my makeup, which is always lovely. However when I am in London, for example, not many people bat an eyelid to it as there is a more of a call, what with the massive Burlesque scene up there.
     Unfortunately, I don't have the advantage the American Pin-Up's have because I don't have a bunch of diners. There aren't classic cars driving the streets on a daily basis. And there is little to none rockabilly scene so I just have to use my imagination a bit more.
     I am grateful for the other Pin-Up gals in the UK that I know, Millicent Binks and Fleur De Guerre are awesome Pin-Up beauties. And my best friend Lucky is a sexy little Pin-Up as well.
     I would love nothing more than to come back to the states. I am truly in love with the people and the relaxed and laid back approach the Americans have and the culture.

JBP: What are your plans now that you're our latest Cheesecake Queen? What's next for you?

SJ: I have some stuff in the pipeline for this year, and of course modeling for Cameo Intimates, which I am really looking forward to! I would love to model for the awesome American and UK faux vintage companies and to work with some of the great Pin-Up photographers like Roy Varga, Shannon Brooke and Les Slenning. My ultimate dream would be to work with David la Chapelle! I would also truly love to be in a music video! I want to be inspirational in my art really. That's how I see it--as an art of glamour and beauty and expression combined.
     Thank you for giving us gals a chance to show the world who we are, Java. This is truly one heck of an experience and I am incredibly grateful. And thank you to everyone who voted for me. I wont let you down!

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