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The Lie Detector
"The Lie Detector"
By Bill Raetz
World Espionage Bureau Press, 2008
    With The Lie Detector, you get a blend of classic Ian Fleming hard-as-nails jet setting spy noir mixed with modern post-Cold War wired-world intrigue. It’s brisk modern pulp fiction that starts at 90 miles an hour, and doesn’t let up.
     The story is that of Bryce, an agent for The World Espionage Bureau, and the mess he needs to clean up. He was sent out on a hit, but at the last second something caused him not to pull the trigger. Now, he’s a rouge agent traveling to Eastern Europe to tie up the loose ends. But he finds out there was more to this hit than he bargained for. There’s nowhere to turn and nowhere to go. Bryce is on his own—on the run from the criminals he’s suppose to stop and the wanted by the agency that owns him.
     The dialogue is slick with plenty of modern hipster references. (In fact, there are nods of The Martini Kings and modern pin-up Heidi Van Horne.) The action takes you across the globe from fancy hotels to back-alley brawls. The violence is brutal and keeps reminding you espionage is not pretty work. If there was one fault, that would be the lack of a good femme fatale. Sure, Bryce has Lexis, his sexy partner, but this relationship keeps itself an arms-length away from the bedroom.
     The Lie Detector stays very true to its pulp fiction and spy novel roots without getting mired in hackneyed nostalgia.  It’s the latest novel from Bill Raetz, who already has two spy fiction books under his belt. If his latest is any indication of what’s to come, we might be on the verge of a neo-espionage revival. 
     You can find out more about The Lie Detector on the World Espionage Bureau website: http://worldespionagebureau.com. And while you’re there, make sure to watch the trailer for The Lie Detector. It features Modern Femme Fatale (and amazing classic burlesque dancer Betsey Bosen.)


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